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The Abacus Niche Site Creator is remarkable software that creates niche web sites with genuinely unique content, fully optimized for all the keyword phrases in your keyword list... at the click of a button!

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Why is unique content so important?

Where Google leads, other search engines follow. Google's algorithm for indexing and ranking web pages is phenomenally complex, and changes whenever some smart software programmer develops a way to beat it. It's a never-ending battle which the search engines always win, after a brief skirmish.

Duplicate content is penalized! Whenever Google encounters a new web site, it checks its textual content against its database, to see whether there are enough similarities for it to consider that it contains text copied from a previously indexed web site. If the new site fails the test, it is not indexed and does not appear in the search engine results. The same test is performed on existing web sites whenever the Google "spider" revisits a site and crawls through its pages. Offending sites are removed from Google's index, and cease to appear in the search results. Many search engines take data from Google; so, the offending web sites cease to appear there also.

The first web site with the content is safe. Google stores the dates of all site visits, and therefore knows which site created the original content. Web sites which copy the content risk banishment! The proportion of copied content which is considered to be plagiarism is a secret closely guarded by Google.

Automatic web site creation software cannot overcome this obstacle. By definition, software which creates web sites fully automatically cannot produce unique content, unless, of course, it is meaningless or gibberish. It must procure the content from somewhere else on the Web.

How, then, does the Abacus Niche Site Creator overcome this obstacle?

It doesn't. We've already said that it's impossible. The Abacus Niche Site Creator does, however, offer a solution to the problem.

YOU are what makes YOUR niche site unique! The Niche Site Creator works hand-in-hand with you, rather than completely for you. The original content for your niche site comes from your own mind. But don't worry if you're not an expert in your chosen niche; you need to write only a few short paragraphs, and you can easily get enough information from the Web, a book or a magazine, to be able to produce a few hundred of your own words, or get a trusted friend to do it for you.

You need to do that only once for your chosen niche. Then, after you have provided the creative input, just click the button, and the Abacus Niche Site Creator does all the tedious, time-consuming donkey work for you in a matter of seconds:

  • Creates an individual web page optimized for each and every keyword phrase in your keyword list.
  • Manipulates your original text in such a way that each web page contains unique content, while still making perfect sense to a human reader.
  • Includes advertisments for Google AdSense, Amazon, etc., according to your choices, to earn you commissions.
  • At your choice, includes an RSS feed of subject-related article headlines, with links to the full articles, to give your niche site extra content which is continually fresh. This attracts more frequent visits from both humans and search engines.
  • Organizes the files how you specify.
  • Produces HTML files, not PHP. Dynamic PHP files are much slower to load, and Google issues warnings against them.
  • Uploads the files to your web space.

As far as we know, the Abacus Niche Site Creator is the only software able to perform all these tasks.

Why don't I need to spend any money on advertising??

It's very unlikely that you'll opt for paid advertising such as pay-per-click (PPC). You should get plenty of traffic from the free search engine listings because, by its very nature, a niche web site -- and particularly a sub-niche site -- is easier for search engines to find than a more general site.

That alone is not enough, however. Each page (not the site) must be optimized for its primary keyword. Because the Abacus Niche Site Creator uses the latest SEO techniques, updated in line with changing search engine criteria, there is no technical reason why your pages should not be at or near the top of the free search results. Their actual positions will depend on the popularity of the niche(s) you choose. So, select your niche markets carefully.

What is a niche site anyway???

How do you define a niche? If you're new to niche marketing, here's a brief definition of "niche".

You'd be amazed at the things people look for on the Web. Recently we heard that a collector had found a broken, 15 year-old laser printer, and had paid $100 for it! It takes all sorts to make a world. "Laser printers" is a very popular market, not a niche; so, don't bother trying to compete in it. "Broken laser printers" is a niche, because there is a small demand for them. "Broken Toshiba laser printers" is a sub-niche, and the demand for them is even less.

You should strike a balance between the popularity of a subject and the competition for its public attention. Get it right, and you'll make money from niche marketing, whether your web sites sell a niche product or service, or simply display ads for them.

So, no matter how esoteric your idea for a niche market is, go ahead and research it. You may be surprised at how much money you make from it. You may get it wrong to start with, but, the more experience you gain, the greater will become your skill at pinpointing lucrative niches. As you build one niche web site after another with Niche Site Creator, you'll accumulate more and more streams of passive income.

OK, but where do I get some ideas from?

That is much easier than you might think. The next time you walk along a shopping street, look from side to side, thinking "niche market". I suggest that you take a notebook with you, because you won't be able to remember all the items you see which fall into the "niche" category. Even as you read this page, just look around you, and you'll probably find a dozen.

As I'm typing this text, I see directly in front of me, on my desk, an Amcor air ionizer. A quick search for that phrase showed that there was a demand for this product. A check for the domain name "" showed that it was available. (You'd probably be sued for using it, but the point is made.)

On my ionizer is a Queen Victoria penny piece. (For no reason; it's lain there for years.) A similar check revealed a thriving market for the subject, and "" was available. There's a niche market!

There are some other things you'd need to check before jumping into a niche market with both feet, but you're probably getting a feel for niche marketing already after reading this. It's not difficult. The Niche Site Creator support page will take you through the entire process, step by step, from beginning to end.

Won't the market run out of niches to exploit?

Come on, now! How many everyday objects are there in the world? How many trillions of them can be a keyword or form part of a keyword phrase for a niche market web page? More are being created every day. If there were any possibility of there being no more niche markets one day, we'd be keeping the Niche Site Creator to ourselves, instead of offering it to you!

So, what is a keyword list, and where do I get it?

Following our previous example, a keyword list might contain these words and phrases: queen victoria penny, queen victoria penny piece, queen victoria coin, queen victoria coins, numismatics queen victoria, collecting queen victoria pennies, etc., etc. There could be hundreds of combinations, not to mention variations in word order. Any of such phrases could be the one typed into a search engine by a potential visitor. To maximize the chances of your web site appearing in the search result, it should contain a page optimized to match that particular phrase.

The Abacus Niche Site Creator builds niche web sites from keyword lists; it does not create the keyword lists themselves. Do not despair! There's good news here also... There are software programs which help you to find the most suitable keywords for your niche web sites! (That's why we at Abacus haven't bothered to create one! We fill gaps in the market; we don't compete.) Abacus is currently assessing which of them would complement the Niche Site Creator best, and will show them here.

Product: Niche Inspector by Myleena Phan - Fraudulent!
Product: Micro Niche Finder by James Jones - Excellent!

How does the Abacus Niche Site Creator achieve all these remarkable feats?

Sorry! You'll have to wait to find that out. We're still working on the fiendishly complex algorithm to produce the unique content required by search engines for a high position in their results. There will be an announcement about availability. You can check back here later, or be informed when the software is about to be released.

Remember: there is no way computer software can produce intelligible unique content. Only the human brain can do that.

Consider the Niche Site Creator as your junior business partner, not as your replacement. You are the inspiration for success! In return for a small effort, you can raise your niche web sites' profile head and shoulders above the machine-made masses!

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